I had a dream that our alien overlords had taken over the earth. They actually weren’t that interested in changing things around, though. They made everybody live in the basements of the houses they already lived in, and/or generally pack more tightly, so that the aliens could live in the rest of the house. Everybody had an alien living in their house.

Other than that, the only major difference in society was that they kept on changing their mind about who was president. Mostly because we all look alike to them. Every time they wanted to talk to the president, they’d go to the white house and look around to see which person everybody seemed to think was the most important. That person, they would say was the president. Apparently, at first, people tried to explain “No, I’m not the president. He’s in the other room,” or whatever, but the aliens were all “Whatever. Then you’re the president NOW”.

So I was going to visit some friends. They checked with the alien overlords at their house and they said it was okay, so I drove on over there to stay for the weekend. But their whole family lived in one bedroom in their basement, so we didn’t have room for my suitcase. They went to ask the alien overlord if it was okay for me to store my suitcase in the hallway overnight. They said okay. Whew!