I had a dream that Isaac and I were on the school bus. The school bus stopped to pick up a bunch of kids. A BUNCH of kids. So many that the police were there to direct traffic onto the bus.

Isaac started talking with people, because we were all reading books while we waited for the bus to load. He said, “Hey, we ought to start a library with all these books.” The kids were inclined to agree. Starting a library started like fun.

Isaac was like “Yeah, we can have a section on Germany. And, like, a section on Japan.” One of the other kids piped up, “What about books about Germany and Japan?” Isaac thought about that a minute. “Well, those could go into the section on Germany.” Someone protested, “Why not the section about Japan?” Isaac suggested, “What about if we have a section about World War II?” Someone else piped up, “What about books about Germany and Japan that aren’t about World War II?” Someone else pointed out, “Why shouldn’t World War II books be in the section about Germany or Japan?”

Isaac was pretty frustrated at this point. “Okay, you guys. Can’t we just have a library and work out all this stuff later?”

The police intervened. “Sorry, son. Universal Library Code stipulates that once you’ve started a library, you have to work out the categorization scheme.”


Then I woke up.