I had a two part dream.

In the first part, I was playing a dungeons and dragons-style game in the Star Trek universe. Our ship was beset by a superior force. We were outgunned and dead in the water. They weren’t going to take prisoners either. So we thought we were just going to sit and wait to die. But I had an idea. I gathered up materials to build myself a sweet robot suit. I totally rolled my saving throw against my engineering skill, so this robot suit was sweet. I leaped out of the airlock and grabbed onto the enemy ship. I totally made a good roll, so I was able to start tearing apart the enemy ship by hand, with my power-assisted suit.

Man, that was a sweet campaign.

Now comes the second part of the dream. That campaign went so sweet that I decided to try this trick on my own. So I transformed my room into a workshop, and I spent days and days working on a sweet robot suit. Somehow, I managed to do it without any saving throws at all, but using my own brain and my own two hands. I now had a super-powerful robot suit.

What kinds of trouble can I get myself into with this?

Julianne informed me about a protest going on, where people were trying to stop the clearcutting of this forest. They had set up the typical devices – tripods, tree forts, etc.

And then in walks me, with my sweet robot suit. People were a little intimidated by me, even though I told them that my plan was to tear apart the tractors and stop the destruction. They supported my goals. They wanted to see me win. The were just a little … leery.

Of course, I woke up before the conflict started.