I had a dream that I was the IT lady at a hospital. One day, I was messing around with some of the old files on the computer, making sure that we were archiving the important stuff out of there. The files were from the early 80s or something. We transitioned to our new computer system roughly, and may not have brought forward everything we needed to. In the course of my investigations, I came across some old videogames that somebody left on the old system.

Fun times!

So I started playing them. But then it turned out that one of them had a Virus. Not just a computer virus, though. It was a manifestation of a force of pure ultimate evil. This force was weak yet in our universe, and could only manifest itself as a computer virus. But I caught the virus, so now it could use me to spread.

It caused me to write a bestselling series of horror novels. Each copy of each novel contained the virus. People would catch it when reading the book. This would add to the strength of the force of pure ultimate evil.

I did not want to write these books, but I was physically unable to stop myself. I was also physically unable to explain to anybody what was going on. If I tried to talk about it, other words would come out of my mouth. Instead, I would talk about how proud I was of these books, and how glad I am that they’re doing well, yadda yadda.

In one of my books, I wrote about a house where a man was brutally murdered by an unseen evil force. In the book, I gave a sufficiently detailed description that, if this house existed, I could find it.

I went looking for it. It turned out that the house did exist! I found the man’s wife in the house, just as I had described her. I tried to explain that something terrible was going to happen to her husband, but once again, other words came out of my mouth. The woman was pleased to have met such a famous author.

If I was going to stop this, I was going to have to stop it at the source.

But I couldn’t do it alone. I asked P’arry and Jane to come with me. But I couldn’t tell them why I needed them to come with me, so they were unable to make an informed decision (When I told Adam about this in real life, he said that I have his implied consent to fight evil with me).

We went to the hospital, and I took them up to the computer room. I started messing with the computer. This angered the force. It was growing stronger faster than I could control it. I managed to unblock my ability to talk about it, but it was too late.

Jane came in from the other room (they were casually wandering around). She said “Uh… Ryan, you might want to check out what’s going on over there.” There was a Vortex of Pure Ultimate Evil! Evil was pouring through the Vortex. It was beginning to twist the hospital. Already, the floorplan was changing around, most of the people had disappeared, and the only light was eerie glows.

This was too big for us. “We gotta get out of here,” I said. We started running out of the hospital. We had to make sure to get out before we got swallowed up in the Evil power, and changed by it.

Already, the security guard at the door to the staff-only section of the hospital had been changed by it. He had no face any longer. The buzzer that he usually used to buzz people in and out of our area had completely vanished.

I slammed my body through the door and broke it down. The security guard was coming over to stop Jane and P’arry from leaving. “Run!” I told them. They ran. But they stopped just short of crossing the place where the door was. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing,” P’arry explained.

“Come on. Just take one more step,” I said.

“I can’t.” P’arry and Jane were physically unable to cross that threshhold.

I woke up. Right after I woke up, I realized that I should have tried to pull them across. Maybe they only couldn’t step over, but could be pulled over.

Now I’ll never know.