I had a dream that I had to go sneak into the sewers of heaven. You see, there was a blockage in the sewers, and if I didn’t fix it, it would cause the world to have never been created in the first place.

Now, of course, heaven isn’t about to admit that anything there could be any less than perfect. That’s why the earth was in such grave peril. If they could admit that there was a problem, they could fix it. And since they couldn’t admit it, they weren’t going to fix it. And since they couldn’t fix it, that’s why I had to fix it.

So there I was, prowling through the sewers of heaven. But I got caught! There was a patrol of angels, trying to catch people sneaking in (like me). A patrol of angels caught me and was about to execute me by firing squad. They had their bowstrings pulled, and their Flaming Arrows of Vengeance aimed at me.

But instead of giving the order to fire, the commander gave the order to hold. The commanders were Julianne and Kaitlin. Julianne said that they wanted to interrogate me instead.

They pulled me aside and explained that heaven is full of hypocritical bullshit and they were sick of it. They were the ones that had tipped me off about the blockage, because they didn’t want the entire world to be destroyed by pride.

They showed me through the labyrinth of the sewers, and we found the blockage and fixed it. Then I helped them escape with me, down to Earth.

Horray! I’m a little worried now, though. If this problem occurs again, we don’t have them to be our angels on the inside, so we may never know about the problem. Let’s hope.