I had a dream that I won a local writing contest! Horray! That meant that they were going to fly me to the other planet where they were holding the regional writing contest.

The trip was 14 days, even at warp speed. I watched movies, hung out, whatnot.

Well, by golly, I won the regional writing contest too. Now it was time for me to fly home.

Of course, this time, I was a VIP. They weren’t going to make me sit through another excruciating 14 day space flight. My parents and friends that came with me, they’d have to tough it out, but not me. I was a VIP. So the contest paid for me to be decomposed into my component atoms, so that I could be reconstructed when I got back to Earth.

The spaceship took off, and was in flight for a little while before they were ready to decompose me. I was watching movies with some friends when they came in and told me that it was time to get decomposed. I was hesitant to stop watching the movie because I was having a good time, but I figured that it’d only feel like I was gone for a little while, so I said bye to everybody and went with the technician and got decomposed.

Well, I bet you didn’t know this, did you: They have NO IDEA how to reconstruct people once they get decomposed! They are just so confident in the march of scientific progress that they go ahead selling this like it’s a service! Sure, I’ll blast you to atoms, you’ll pay me, and eventually somebody will figure out how to put you back together.


I guess people are only vaguely aware of how far they are from having this technology, too. That’s why everybody is so nonchalant about it. Jeeeez. I sure felt like a VIP that day.