I had a dream that the election happened and Obama lost. But at least Amy’s boyfriend Josh won the election he was running in: He was the Governor of California!

The reason he won was that he listened to my two pieces of advice. I said “First, don’t pander to the right or the center. You got where you are by being a leftist, and that’s what you’ve gotta keep on being if you wanna win. Second, advertise on porno websites. One hundred percent of Americans look at porn, and do you think the other guy is gonna be advertising there? No way! They’re yours for the picking. They’ll be so glad that you’re treating them with some respect and dignity.”

And Josh won. I told him to tell Obama about that next time they met at a convention or whatever.

Then that very night, in actual actual real life, I was going on the ferry to Mackinac island, and who was on our boat? Governor Jennifer Granholm. They held the boat up because her kids were running late. We heard them tell her that, at one point, they gave up on being able to make it to the boat, and they slowed down to 80mph. hah hah hah.