I had a dream that I was a crew member on a pirate fleet. This was a modern pirate fleet – steel and diesel, not wood and sails. Also, this fleet was run by the Mafia.

Also, the ship was full of schemers and social climbers. People were always trying to kill each other to move up the ranks. And because this was how you rose through the ranks, the higher-ups were huge dicks.

So there was danger from below: Someone might try to kill you to take your place. And there was danger from above: The guys above you were huge dicks with something to prove. You had to watch yourself no matter what! It was highly, highly stressful.

I was thinking that the pay wasn’t good enough to justify all this stress. My immediate superior, though, was someone I trusted, so I was going to tell him to get me off the ship at our next stop, and I was quitting.

Unfortunately, he got killed while I was on my way to talk to him, and the new guy was someone I didn’t trust. So I decided to sneak off the boat myself.

We landed in Mozambique, and I snuck off the boat and hid out in the crowd at the mall there. Apparently, there was a mall. In real life, Ana (someone who lives in my house now) says she was at Mozambique and ain’t no malls. Oh well.

Well, because I was acting on my own in sneaking out, I didn’t check where the next target was. Turns out the pirate fleet was attacking this mall.

So bombs and rockets were going off everywhere. Gunfire. Still, though, I was like “This is way less stressful than being on the pirate fleet. I either die or I don’t.”

I saw the bus stops outside, and no buses out there (Ana says that there’s buses but not bus stops, just like in Indonesia). I sez to someone, I sez “Why aren’t they evacuating us on those buses?” and she was like “Because the bus drivers are on strike!” and I was like “What?? They can’t come off of their strike to come rescue us? This is important!” and she was like “What, you’d sell out the labor movement for something as fleeting as your life? Where do you draw the line? We could say that this was too important to strike during. We could say that anything is too important to strike during!” That was a good point, I decided. We can’t break the strike for this.

Well, I survived the attack, but I mostly lost my hearing, because of the bombs.

Also in my dream: This guy I know called Adam. But in real life, he’s from Tanzania, not Mozambique. Although I just looked ‘em up, and it turns out they’re right next to each other.