I had a dream that a bunch of people were going to see a movie. Me and Adam and whoever were going to go, and Bryan was going to meet us there later.

We were trying to figure out which movie to watch. I wasn’t really paying attention to the discussion, but I eventually was like “Wait, did you say there’s a documentary about Japanese cinema and its roots in legends about samurai?” P’arry: “Yeah.” Me: “Let’s see that.” All: “Sounds like a plan.”

But when we got to the theater, I noticed that there was a movie about Kurt Cobain and his involvement with the Battle for Seattle. (I just looked it up on Wikipedia. It turns out that Kobain died five years too early. Oh well.)

I was like “Yo! Sorry, it’s become clear to me what we have to do: Call Bryan and we see this movie instead.”

Trouble is, this movie was 20 minutes earlier than the other one, so Bryan didn’t make it, and he saw the other one alone.

I thought he’d be totally pissed, but for some reason he wasn’t, and he drew a comic about samurai while watching that movie. Go figure.