I had a dream last night that I had just moved out to the country. I met a quirky friend. He was so fat that he couldn’t ride a horse. He rode on a cow instead. Apparently, cows can carry more than horses? When I woke up, I asked my mom. She said that horses have trouble carrying a person more than 250lbs. But she was dubious about the ability of cows to carry people at all.

Well anyway, he told me what was the fun thing to do – there was a cool virtual reality videogame we could play at this place. So he and I, and Sigh, who was visiting me in the country, drove out there.

It turned out that the place was a halfway house for troubled youths. But it was so cool that people were always trying to sneak in there to use their cool stuff – ping pong, an arcade, pool tables, an art studio…

So cool was this place that sometimes kids would commit crimes, just so that they could get sentenced to be there. The staff had a limited ability to watch all those kids, so they didn’t let you hang out there unless you were a resident.

Our in was this girl named “Elizabeth”. She was one of these kids, who kept on committing small crimes just to get sent to this place. She snuck us in and told us what to say to the staff that questioned us, that would at least stall them until we could go hide from them (in the ball pit or something).

So we were driving there, right? And we parked, right? And I parked us on a hill and forgot to put the parking brake on. And so the car slid down into the ditch and flipped upside down. God darn it. Well, I’m all mad, and I want to think of if there’s any alternatives to calling the super-expensive tow trucks to come all the way here. So I was like “Let’s play videogames like we said. I’ll deal with this later.”

Oh man, did we ever have fun!

Then, when we came back out, it turned out that somebody had turned the car right-side-up again. Horray! Thanks. But then they had stolen everything that was inside the car. Darned troubled youth. Well, the good outweighed the harm, though, cuz I didn’t have anything valuable in that car.

But still, when it flipped over, that was too much for it. It didn’t start. But at least it was right-side up. That meant we didn’t have to call the tow truck, we just had to fix it, as soon as it got light out. It was probably just a battery cable coming loose or something like that. We tried to finagle a way to spend the night at the cool halfway house, so that we could figure this out in the morning, but nope. Rules is rules.

Elizabeth told us to walk down to her parents’ house to spend hte night there, and that’s what we did. Her mom was very nice as long as we pretended we liked her drapes. She was trying on new drapes for the house, and she made us look at like a zillion of them and go, “oh yes, this is very nice.”

Finally, we got to sleep there, and I slept until three o’clock in the afternoon. What a day!