I had this dream awhile ago. I wrote it down and then lost it. I just found it and posted it here:

First, i’d like to talk about the real-life events that led up to this dream. The night before, Adam and I tried to go to the State theater to see “There Will Be Blood” at 10pm. We got there at 10:05 and found the door locked. We figured there were two reasons this might happen. First, maybe not enough people showed up and they decided not to show the movie. Second, maybe there’s only one person working, so they locked up so as to go start the projector.

We decided to hope it was the first. We tried to call them and only got their recording, which was a week out of date. Then a couple showed up and they were like “Oh man, we wanted to see the movie too”. Emboldened by this, we decided to break in to see if they were showing the movie.

We successfully broke in using a method that I will describe when there are fewer prying eyes. We started walking up the stairs where we encountered a cranky employee who was like “Uhm, NO we’re not showing the movie, and furthermore, the door was locked.” We didn’t explain, we just said “Thanks”, and left. We heard him checking the locks on the door. hah hah. It’s very easy to break in.

So here’s my dream inspired by these events:

The Downtown Development Authority decided that we should close off State and Liberty at night, because there were no homes there and nobody had any reason to be there once the businesses closed.

The first night of this, about ten riot cops came to guard the fences, expecting protest and dissent. They closed the fence (which was the same style of fence they used to close my high school at night).

Turns out there weren’t protestors, so much. There were gawking onlookers, some of which were upset. Sigh and I were among those!

Sigh was looking at the cops and was like “Man, I can take them”, and I was like “No you can’t. You’re outnumbered. Many of them are probably stronger than you. They’re certainly better armed than you. They’re better organized. But most importantly, they’re not motivated by anything as fickle as passion or beliefs. They are relentless, and they will stop at nothing to destroy you if you cross them. There is no reasoning with them.”

Sigh came up with a plan to wear all kinds of body armor and an armored scooter on which was mounted a powerful vulcan gun, using it to quickly kill all the cops without them being able to fire back, using grenades to destroy the fence, and then driving the scooter into the woods, unsnapping your armor, setting the scooter to self-destruct, and then running off so as to not get caught.

We agreed that this wasn’t a good solution, because they’d just put the fence back up.

The dream ended with us being frustrated.