I had a dream that it was the end of the world. My big regret was “I didn’t visit Chicago enough.”

Me and I Forget went wandering the streets of Ann Arbor. It was the afternoon. The world was to be ending in minutes to hours. Destroyed by an alien that had promised to destroy us at this time. We all knew there was nothing we could do about it, so the previous night, everybody had been partying everywhere, enjoying the last night of the world. Now, they were all hiding, hoping to avoid at least some pain. So the streets were deserted and there was trash everywhere.

A UFO came and landed over on the grassy patch by North U and State. They opened their door. “Say, we could use a couple extra bodies. You wanna help out?” This was not the alien that had promised to kill us, so we were thinking “Heck, anything would be better than dying in some terrible fireball, or whatever he’s got planned.” “Sure,” we said, and boarded the UFO.

They explained that they followed this planet-destroying alien around. The alien loved death, you see. Their people had somehow convinced it not to destroy their planet, and in return, they would provide it with a constant supply of dead things. They convinced it that this would, in the long run, provide it with more dead things that it would get by destroying their planet.

Of course, it was not right to go killing things to serve this beast. So their people scanned the galaxy, scavenging for dead things, and feeding them to the beast.

And this is what we did. We joined them, and they took us to a nearby planet, where we dug up the graveyard, loaded the bodies onto the UFO, and took them back to the destroyed Earth, now sand and ash, and fed them to the beast.