Okay, y’know when you’re half-asleep and half awake because you’re waking up? I had either a dream or a memory during that state when I woke up. It was about a movie called “The Broadcast Wars”. If it’s a real movie, it didn’t go by that name.

I dreamed/remembered the final dramatic scene.

They’d been having some time travel adventures. (“They” = Rob Lowe (the bad guy) and someone who was off camera, so I’ll go ahead and say it was Johnny Depp, even though it wasn’t).

There’s a tape. In the right hands, this tape can put an end to Rob Lowe’s evil machinations. In the right hands, it can bring them to fruition. Currently, Johnny Depp has it. We are in the future at this point, following Rob Lowe as he looks for Johnny Depp.

He hears Johnny Depp in the crowd somewhere. When he gets there, he finds that it’s just a recording.

“Well, it looks like you’ve lost now. That’s too bad, isn’t it? I’ve got the tape. Soon they’ll have the tape, and this will all be over. You know how I’m so sure about this?”

“How,” says Rob Lowe, reflexively.

“Cuz I’ve also got a gun.” At this point, Rob Lowe is shot in the head.

See, that’s smart thinkin’. He didn’t just take the tape to the past. He took the tape to the past and then went back to the future to shoot him. And he woulda had time to set it up, too, since this was years in the future.

Is that the dramatic ending of a real movie or a made-up one?