I had a dream that Beth and I went to Las Vegas. We kinda split up because we were each interested in different things. The dream begins when we both get back together.

Beth: “How’d you do, Ryan?”

Me: “This place is starting to creep me out. I can’t take all this … fear. Or, … loathing.”

Beth: “Me neither. Let’s get out of here.”

Me: “uh… about that. I kinda, … gambled away the car. See, it was like this: I gambled away all my money and then I was like ‘oh man, Beth is gonna kill me! I gotta win this back.’ so I gambled away everything else I had. Including the car, which in retrospect, was not a wise decision. I managed to save back $50, though.”

Beth: “That’s better than me. I’m clean out of money. Man. I’d give a half a million dollars if someone could give me $500.”

Me: “What, are you involved in some sort of pyramid scheme or something?”

Beth: “Huh???” "Oh, yeah. I guess I am," .

Me: “I’ve got a plan. Let’s use my last $50 to buy a gun.”

Beth: “That seems like a wise investment.”

and, scene.