I had a dream that there was a new Lester house. It was super big and fancy. It was created around us on a Monday, though, so I had to work all week and didn’t have a chance to check out all of its features. That made me a little grumpy.

Here’s one of its features: Hana came over! I just saw her in the kitchen (which was unchanged – you can’t improve on our kitchen) talking to people. She had just gotten up and was wearing a bathrobe.

Wearing a bathrobe, eh? That means she spent the night here, and had planned to. In this dream, you see, she lived in Black Elk still, so it was simultaneously a bigger deal and not as big a deal for her to spend the night at Lester house. Not as big a deal because she didn’t have to come all the way from New York. A bigger deal because she could so easily go to her own bed, that she’d kinda have to go out of her way to spend the night at Lester house. But there she was, and wearing a bathrobe, at that.

I surreptitiously asked around to see if anybody know who in the house she had spent the night with. Answer: Nobody. She actually brought some dude with her and they slept in the parlour. People described the dude, and he sounded pretty annoying. Turns out he was a guy who wasn’t very good at social cues, and like to turn the conversation around to how cool he thought that this other country he visited was, and how cool he must be because he had visited this other country. I was like “I thought Hana had better taste than that.” I was totally confused. But it turns out that the dude was just someone from Black Elk, and I guess they just wanted to check out the new house. Phew! Jealousy averted!

I went up to my room to change into cooler clothes to impress Hana. I found that somebody had put up all my posters and put my clothes in the dresser and everything. I was like “What?”

Then I saw Ben and P’arry. They were walking around pointing at things in the house. I was like “Woah, maybe they put my stuff away. We started hanging out and being cool, and then Sam walked in leading some people with him. He pointed at various sections of my room and said things like “This could be th kitchen. That could be a study.” The people with him put up little tags where he pointed.

I was like “What?” Sam explained that these were the St. Vincent De Paul people. We talked about it at the last meeting, but I wasn’t there. They were having some sort of charity event and we agreed to host it. It turns out that our rooms are as large as the houses that entire extended families use in some-or-other third-world country. As a charity drive, they got a bunch of people to get pledges to live like those families for a week. So fifteen people were going to move into my room and pretend it’s a house for a week.

PS in real life, I went to St. Vincent De Paul store yesterday, and the St Vincent De Paul people here were played by the ones I saw in real life.

In the dream, I asked them “Hey, do you guys have your truck with you? I have some stuff I’d like to donate.” They said no, the truck’s not here. Then I felt they were looking down on me for distracting them from their Great Purpose. Crap! I totally blew it. (I had wanted to impress the cool-looking one, because in real life, I thought she looked highly thoughtful and I wished I could read her blog and that she had a blog). Furthermore, it turns out that it was the St Vincent De Paul people who had put away my stuff. How was I supposed to host this charity event with my room being such a trash pit!

sigh. I felt I had failed in many ways that day.

I looked out the window to unwind. There, I saw a pile of leaves blowing around in the wind. Wait a second! That’s not a pile of leaves! That’s a chicken! It must’ve grabbed a few branches off of a bush and started wearing it as camouflage. Great. Now Chickens are going to learn the art of camouflage, and then they’ll learn to use other tools, and become intelligent, and take over.