I had a dream that I was walking down the street towards home (kinda far away). I ended up striking up a conversation with this lady who was walking the same direction. She announced that she was going to get a cab. I asked if I could split it. I would have kept walking if I was by myself, but she was cool and I wanted to keep talking to her, and it actually was rather far. This was an excuse for me to feel okay about not walking. Furthermore, while I thought she was pretty cool, she didn’t pay much attention to me, so this was my way of tricking her into having to talk to me.

The cab drove us there, and she said that she had to go inside to get her purse to get the money to pay her half of the cab fare. When she came back out, she found that I had paid the entire fare and was sending the cab away. It was no longer far, you see, and I no longer had her as an excuse, so I was going to walk the rest of the way.

She saw that I had paid the entire fare and was now impressed that I had done something nice for her. That was like a $16 fare, yo! The thought never could have crossed her mind to do something nice for me, because she hadn’t noticed me. Now she noticed me, and wanted to do something nice for me. So she invited me in for tea.

Boom. Her roommate was there, and she was also cool. Using Flash, she made an animated opera about Jib Kidder. It also included a little videogame you could play during the intermission. God dang! This girl is totally a better programmer than me!

At least I know Jib Kidder better than she does. I impressed her with that fact.

Boom. I’ve got two new cool friends now.

But then I woke up.