So I was spending the night in this room. It was a kind of a strange room – I think it was finagled from a different purpose. It was big. The floors had some kind of tile business on them. There was a toilet in the room, just kind of out in the open.

Well, I was very tired, but I had to pee. I got up and walked over to the toilet and began peeing. But then I woke up and found that the part where I had walked over to the toilet was just a dream! I had actually peed all over the bed. God damn it. Grumpily, I changed my clothes and gathered up the sheets for the laundry.

But then I woke up again and realized that the whole thing was just a dream and I hadn’t actually peed anywhere. I was actually sleeping in a totally normal room. It was like being given a second chance. In real life, I got up and went to the bathroom and peed.

Sincerely, Ryan Hughes