I had one of those dreams where I drifted around and was each person in the dream. Pretty much any time someone did something, I was that person.

Bruce Willis was playing the main character. He and his rascally friend lived and worked in this oil-refinery town. There wasn’t much to do, and there wasn’t much to spend your money on, so everybody gambled all the time.

Bruce Willis’s rascally friend was trying to convince him to convert all his money into chips, so that they would be an unstoppable poker team. He almost did, too. And due to wise saving and spending, he seemed to have a lot more money than everybody else. But at the last minute, he turned his chips back in and played a normal game of poker.

After the game, one of the glamorous ladies that was apparently playing asked if he would drive her home. He could drive her fabulous sports car.

He got in and was like “Gosh, you must trust me a lot. How do you know I’m not someone who wants to kidnap you?”

She pulled out her cell phone and pushed a couple buttons. “Because I’m someone who wants to kidnap you,” she said.

When she pushed the buttons, a second steering-wheel came out of the passenger side, and the driver’s side one was disabled. She also had her own gas and brakes. She took the car up to 950 km/hr, according to the spedometer. Dang.

Bruce Willis was flipping out, but she was like “Listen, there’s nothing you can do at this point in time, so there’s no need to flip out. Just think about things that are constants in your life and calm down.”