I had a dream that Ben Ayer told me about all these cool people I should talk to in Sandusky Ohio. A couple of people who owned record labels of local musicians. A couple of people who used to act and had small parts in cool TV shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation. A couple of musicians.

I was like “Okay, Ben. Whatever.” But then I kept on thinking “Man, maybe I should go to Sandusky and meet these cool people.”

But I was busy. First I had to visit Matt Hapeman in jail. I went in there and talked to him. Blah blah blah. I mentioned Sandusky and told him about all the people Ben recommended to me. Matt was like “Oh yeah, Sandusky is a cool place.” Then he started listing cool people he knew in Sandusky, and there was a lot of overlap in the list. I was like “Gosh, I guess I should go to Sandusky.”

Then I left Matt’s cell and out in the waiting room was Elizabeth Parry who was in elementary, middle school, and high school with me, but who I have not seen since. She was like “Geez. You’re finally out of there. You used up almost all the visiting hours, now I can’t see Matt for very long.” I was like “Oh man, how was I supposed to know you were out here?” She was like “You could have signed up on the visiting-hours chart over there.” Oops. Sorry about that. (The guards only let one person in at a time).

Then I was like “Hey. So what have you been up to?” A little bit of catching-up small-talk ensued, during which time I mentioned Sandusky. She got very excited about this, and wanted to come with me. That settled it. We’d leave that afternoon and check it out.

She went in to talk to Matt for awhile while there were still visiting hours. While I was waiting for her, I realized that I didn’t know how to find any of these people on my list of cool people to meet.

Fortunately, Jason Voss was just coming out from visiting someone in jail. Surely, he could fill me in. Indeed, he helped. He didn’t know much off the top of his head, but he knew the home address of one of those cool record-label guys. It should be cool to drop by if I namedropped who had sent me.

Then Elizabeth came out. She said she’d go get some stuff and meet me at my house.

I went to my house and got the keys to my car and got ready for the trip.

Then it occurred to me that Elizabeth didn’t know where I lived or how to call me and I didn’t know how to contact her either.

Oh well. I’ll just have to go to Sandusky another time.