Last night, I dreamed that I was in San Francisco. I wanted to go to the island of Hero, which was just off the coast of San Francisco. I was to pick some stuff up. My plan was to take public transportation there. My parents thought that was a crazy plan, because it would take forever, and was probably not even possible.

I figured there was either an underground train, or a ferry. But when I got to the station, I found that San Francisco had public transportation helicopter rides! I asked the station agent about it, and she said that the helicopters were closed today. I was sad, but walked by to look and see if I could see the helicopters, cuz I thought it was cool that they had some.

Well, one of the pilots walked by and announced that he intended to take people after all! The pilot was Super Dave, but he was played by Ted Danson. Go fig.

He grabbed the 8 people that could fit in his helicopter and we took off. He then asked us where we were all going, so that he could plan the route. We all told him. He thought for a bit and then asked if it was okay if we stopped by this one place first. We were grateful that he was giving us the ride, because we knew it would make our trips so much shorter, so we agreed.

He landed us at a mansion where there was a party. We all got off the helicopter and milled about waiting for him to return. Soon, I saw one of the passengers crying and running away. I wanted to help her. I caught up and asked her what was the matter. She said that she was the sister of our pilot, and that the party we had landed in was a family party. There was a big thing in her family about singing. They were all supposed to sing to each other. She and her brother were going to do a song, but he had yelled at her, saying she couldn’t sing. This is a very big insult in their family. She was mad because she knew he couldn’t sing either.

We listened to some of the music and had some hors d’ouvres, and then the pilot came back and gruffly said we were going to take off and get on our way. We filed back on the helicopter and took off.

After flying for awhile, the pilot said “Say, …” He then described that he knew where a famous rapper was having a party. Did we mind if we stopped in at the famous rapper’s party?

We all kind of wanted to get on our way, but the prospect of going to a fancy famous rapper party was also kind of appealing. So we agreed to go.

Apparently, he didn’t so much want to drop in at the party… and he wasn’t so much an invited guest… Instead, he wanted to harass them. We buzzed them in our helicopter. Then we landed. The party was “creepy-electric-circus” themed. He started throwing things, and even burned down one of the tents. The cops started to show up, but because it was a rap party, they started harassing the black people instead of our crazy pilot. “Everybody on the helicopter!” he said. We were eager to leave the scene, so we got on and flew out of there.

It was now night-time, and we still hadn’t reached our destinations. The pilot then announced that he was too drunk to continue flying, so we were going to land back at the main terminal and he’d take us where we were going tomorrow. We were grumpy at this announcement.

I went back to the terminal the next day. There, I found out that the place I was trying to get to – Hero – wasn’t an island at all! It was just a neighborhood in the north-west. I could totally just take the normal subway.

God damn that guy.

PS. In real life, the next day I got up and we were walking down the street, away from the hotel. The rickshaw drivers always call out to us, trying to get business. They usually do this in Javanese (or Indonesian, I can’t tell the difference). Sometimes they throw in a little English. Today, one of them said “Transportation? Helicopter?”

Woah, how did he know?