Last night I dreamed that me and my parents and my sister visited Florida for Christmas time. They spared me the Christmas festivities this time. As we were leaving, I found that there was a race coming up soon for one of the house seats. I was like “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to run for congress?” My parents decided to help me out, as a christmas present.

I decided to run as a Democrat. The first step was to meet with the current, outgoing Democratic representative, and the two other hopefuls. She was going to decide which one of us to endorse. We met at a coffeeshop. My parents were there for moral support.

She asked some question about politics (I forget which one). She addressed it first to one of the other hopefuls. Then to the other, after the first had answered. I prepared to answer the question myself, but I found that instead, she formulated a different question and asked the first of the other hopefuls instead, totally skipping me.

This enraged me. I felt she wasn’t taking my candidacy seriously. I was so mad that, without thinking about it, I stood up and yelled “What the fuck? It looks like you’ve already got a decision in mind. I don’t know why the fuck I came here. Well y’know what? Fuck you. I don’t need your goddamn help.” Then I stormed off.

I went over to the bathroom to be alone for a minute or two and calm down. It was there that I decided that I didn’t have the emotional stability to run in this race after all, so I came out and told my parents we should just drive back to Michigan.

The end.