I had a dream that me and a bunch of people converged on this house in the woods. We were all drawn there by a legend. The legend of Isaac. According to legend, Isaac was a cool guy. A supernaturally cool guy! The legend said that his house was somewhere in these woods. Separately, or in pairs, we all wandered through the woods and found ourselves at the house. (The house was played by Isaac’s parents’ house).

The intrepid explorers were: Me, Matt Hapeman, Sarah Linz, John, Eileen, Laura Matney, Jane, and two not-real people.

We found ourselves in the house, but the house was empty and the lights were off. We felt it would be okay to hang out in the living room. We were talking amongst ourselves, swapping legends and so forth.

“I heard he’s a good cook” offered Laura. “Maybe if we started to cook something, he would appear.” At that point, we started to hear clanking and doings in the kitchen. The two fake people went to investigate. They came back and reported that nobody was in there and nothing appeared to have been happening.

“I heard he likes Eastern European music,” offered Jane. “Perhaps if I played some on this piano, he would appear.” She started to play the piano, and it came out sounding like an Irish sea chanty played on the accordion, and she was singing in a voice that wasn’t hers (Or Isaac’s. I don’t really know).

During the song, I investigated the kitchen and found a plate of warm, just-baked cookies. They were great.

The last line of Jane’s song before I woke up was: “Your name (Inniman) came from a sailor on that ship. He’s no longer listed in the charter.” (btw, that rhymed with “Harbor” in the previous line.

Edit: You know what would’ve been a cool word to also rhyme with that? Ardour.

Edit 2: The music portion of Jane’s song seems to have been played by “Mr. Isaac’s Maggot” by the Brave Combo, which I got off the Planet Squeezebox compilation.

Edit 3: I just listened to “Mr. Isaac’s Maggot” again. I’m sorry, it was not performed by the Brave Combo. It was performed by Chris Parkinson. Calla overheard it and said it’s a traditional song that she’s danced to before.