The other night I had a dream that the cops were after me. It is unclear why this was the case. But they were about to arrest me when I remembered that I had my Groovy Vibes Generator that I had just built! I turned it on, and suddenly my arresting officers were overcome with Groovy Vibes. They did not want to be all uptight sticklers and arrest me. They just wanted to chill out.

I walked away.

Upon hearing this, the chief at the precinct was livid. He didn’t want to send more cops after me, because he didn’t want me to ruin his entire force. No. It was time to call in a specialist. It was time to call Invisible Rider!

Invisible Rider rides a motorcycle and has an invisibility shield. You can still sort of see him if you know to look for him, but you’re unlikely to notice him. You can only see his helmet and the bottoms of his wheels. that’s because if he covered up his face, he wouldn’t be able to see out. And if the shield went all the way to the ground, it would get snarled up in the wheels or scrape on the ground.

Anyway, I was walking, thinking I was away scot free, when suddenly I heard an engine fire up. Crap! Invisible Rider had trapped me down a dead-end alley. There was no escape!

Just then, the original groovified cop showed up. “Hey, Invisible Rider!” she said. “What is up, my man?” She explained that, because she was so groovy, she would lose her job because she couldn’t be a cop anymore. She asked if Invisible Rider would let her hang out under his invisibility shield, because she figured it would also bend the Groovy Vibes around her, so that she’d be freed of them, and the vibes would lose track of her.

“Out of my way,” Invisible Rider growled. “I have work to do.”

“Woah, man. Chill out! Why do you gotta be so uptight about all this?”

A quarrel ensued, during which time I escaped again.