I just had a dream where I was messing around with a radio and picked up a weird signal. It was crackly and hard to figure out. He was giving a drink recipe. And then, after the drink recipe, his voice got all serious and he said “29N 33W 125”. He might have said 125 SW. In the dream, I told some people about that and they pointed out that 125 SW couldn’t mean anything because it’s not a coordinate. Furthermore, 29N 33W is a coordinate, and 125 SW wouldn’t fit in. They suggested that the 125 meant something else. Maybe it was 33 degrees, 125 minutes W or something. Someone suggested that it was about an object in space. 29N 33W, 125 light-years up. Or 125 degrees from the horizon. But if that’s the case, the message was being sent directly to the Earth, because they would have to know the direction to them. Also, they would have to know our coordinate system and so on. Also, that coordinate would only be good at a particular time.

Well, anyway. In the dream, Hana came home from a trip she was on, and I told her about it, and she was so weirded out because she had stumbled across that signal also, and they were discussing its meaning.

Well, I put it into Google Maps after I woke up. It’s in the middle of the god-damn atlantic ocean. It’s a little closer to Africa than anything else. When I first punched it in, it was zoomed so tight that I didn’t have any sattelite or map imagery. I zoomed out one click at a time, and I was a little freaked out that Mauritania was the first thing I noticed on the map when I zoomed out. That’s where Mary is, and I just sent her a letter.

But when I pull the map out further, I see that it’s not eerily close to Mauritania.

Maybe it’s an island! With buried treasure! I don’t have sattelite imagery that’s detailed enough to tell me that this is false.

Hm. 29N 125W is right near Baja california. 33S 125W is in the middle of the south pacific. 33N 125W is actually not too far from LA. It’s still many many miles out into the ocean. Oooh, 29S 125E is actually on land. It’s in the middle of nowhere in Australia.

So, uh… Never mind. I don’t think any of this is exciting enough to go on an adventure over. When I woke up, I was all “I’m going to figure out what’s there and I’m going to GO there and find out why “someone” thinks it’s so important. But maybe it’s not.