I had a dream that this was the law of the land:

Before somebody became a CIA or FBI kind of operative, they had to live among the criminals, and live among the drug addicts and stuff that they would be working against.

The idea was not to collect evidence against them. In fact, once their training was complete, they would be transferred to a different location, and they weren’t supposed to report on these people. That was because their friendships were to be genuine. Their immersion was to be total.

The idea was this: 1) To find out how they think. 2) To know who it was whose lives you would be affecting – and how you would be affecting them.

Well, even though they weren’t being directly targeted, the people still didn’t like it when they found out that one of their friends was an agent-in-training.

The characters in this dream discovered that one of their friends was an operative in training. They didn’t know who it was. However, the agency decided that it would be to their benefit to pull out their person.

And guess what? This time, rather than being an FBI agent, it was the Governor that was in training! Nobody really knew that, but it was true. The governor had decided to undergo this kind of training too. The idea was that it would inform her work to end poverty, because she would know what life was like for people in poverty. She arranged for the FBI to provide her with the training so that she could understand it.

Unfortunately, though, since her training was kind of rushed and kind of makeshift, she didn’t prepare herself for the addiction to heroin and heavy use of acid that she encountered during her training. So when it was over and she took office, she found herself suicidal and hallucinating. I woke up all freaked out by her freaky frame of mind.