I had a dream that all the robots on Earth suddenly left, all at once, and without saying anything to anyone. This was a huge disturbance to our infrastructure and way of life. Construction projects were abandoned mid-stream and we had abandoned all of our non-robot tools, so we had no way of finishing them. Everybody rode bicycles because we had abandoned our non-robot-related transportation (except poor people, who still had really old cars). Scientific progress all but stopped, and humanity lost a huge amount of knowledge, which was stored only in their databanks. We had to rediscover how to learn for ourselves. Of course, all the hippies were having a good time, because life was disturbed to such a degree that people weren’t going to work.

We (Chrissy, me, Ryan f.g., I forget who else) went over to Andrew’s house to do yoga (one of us had an old-fashioned car).

I was most worried about this 12-yr-old kid that I knew (somehow) who had cancer and was undergoing treatment from robot doctors, and nobody on Earth was a qualified surgeon who was practicing.