Okay, you guys. Listen to this, if you don’t believe I’m a nerd.

Last night, I had a dream about duplex printing!

I dreamed that Aleise came into this computer lab that I was hanging out in (it was based on the Alice Lloyd site). She wanted to print out her thesis. She talked to the people at the desk about the capabilities of the printer for a little bit, and then printed out her thesis, using Duplex mode (printing on both sides).

All was good EXCEPT that side 2 of every page came out all streaky. Aleise was upset about that and brought it up to the people at the desk, who acted all snotty to her. I couldn’t take the injustice, so I chewed them out. Then I was all like “Aleise – why didn’t you print that at home?” and she was like “I tried. The duplexing at home is even worse than this one.” I was like “Y’know, you can tell it to print only the even pages, and then flip them over and put the paper back in and tell it to print only the odd pages.” She was like “huh”.

No, but listen…

This was a dream! I had a dream about duplex printing!

I woke up and told that dream to Isaac, and he was like “Can you really print only the even or odd pages?” and I was like “yup.”

Hang on, let me make sure that’s true. Gosh! I guess that’s not true! It must be an application-specific option. Probably from Quark. I wonder if Word can do it…

Sorry Isaac. Sorry Aleise.