Here’s some new stuff for the pot-smoking videogame. Ideas were gotten and adapted from many conversations.

Okay, as it stood in the dream, there was no tradeoff, no strategy. Slowing the glacier was the same as getting high. The ONLY strategy was to minimize passing time.

So I put in a risk-benefit tradeoff.

While you’re holding B to inhale, there’s a little meter on the right, that shows the outline of a person and their lungs. A little thingey wants to go up and down, in the meter, randomly, with a mind of its own. While you hold B, you have to control it by pushing up and down, to keep it within a certain range. If the little thingey gets outside of that range (either above or below), you cough and lose all your smoke. You’ll still melt the glacier a little, but you won’t get any higher at all. The more smoke you have in you, the more erattically the little thingey behaves.

(Idea: Maybe little powerups of WATER appear on the ground, and you can wander over them and it lessens the erraticness of the bouncing ball thingey)

Miki wanted a part of the game where you try to string a sentence together. Here’s my idea on that.

It’ll be a BONUS GAME that you play, maybe, at the end of every level. It’ll randomly choose a sentence from the database, like “Hey, let’s order a pizza” or “Dude, do you wanna smoke another bowl?” or “Do you ever wonder if you’re not really you?”

So, the screen will be a big cartooney person’s face, and the head will be translucent, so you can see all these words swimming around in his head, looking, maybe, like magnetic poetry. The sentence appears on the bottom of the screen (maybe only one word at a time, maybe all at once, with different colors for words you’ve said, the word you need, and the words you haven’t said). So, you have to find the word you’re supposed to say, from all the words swimming aorund in your head, and click on it.

There’s a time-limit. If you don’t get it in time, one of your friends will say something like “Dude, check out this video! The monkey totally took a dump on that guy’s head!” and the word “DISTRACTED” will appear on the screen. You lose.

If you click on the wrong word while forming the sentence, then you’ll say something nonsensical, and your friends will be like “What the hell are you talking about?” It flashes “CONFUSED” and you lose.

So, then, check this out: The behavior changes a little bit, depending on how high you are (you’re higher in higher levels, when you do this). If you’re totally sober, then your mouse cursor has a little soap bubble-action around it, so all the bad words are afraid of the cursor and run away, while the word you want just keeps running around randomly, unaffected by your cursor. Also, if you’re sober, then as soon as you need to say the word, it lights up bright, so you can notice it.

But the higher you are, the less effective your soap bubble is – the bad words don’t fear it as much, and maybe the good word is a little afraid. Also, the good word lights up more slowly, so you have to find it yourself out of the sea of words.

I think that’d be fun.