I had a dream that I bought one of those one-hitters that’s made to look like a cigarette, and the following videogame ensued:

You played a bunch of characters that went out to the outside balcony of their apartment to smoke weed. As you play one of the characters, the others walk around randomly to stay warm. It’s set in winter, you see.

When a character has the hitter, you have to smoke out of it. You do this by holding down the B button to take a puff. Release the B button to blow out the smoke. Then, you have to go to the next character in order (they’ll have numbers above their head, so you can keep the circle going in the right order). When you go to the next person, you push A to pass the hitter, and then you control that next character.

Now, here’s the complication: It’s so cold that a Glacier is forming in front of the balcony. It is pressing down on you hard. The only way to push it back is to blow warm pot smoke on it. But it’s advancing faster than you can push it back, even if you could smoke constantly, and never have to inhale or pass.

So the challenge is to get everybody high before you are crushed by the glacier. Once you’re high, you can all go inside, where you’re safe from the glacier. You can go to someone else’s apartment and thus, the next level.

This is the second videogame I’ve dreamed up. They’re both very simple. I should make these.