I had a cool dream last night. I wish I could make movies so I could make this as a movie (it was a movie in my dream).

Okay, so this guy and this girl and Sigh were on a road trip. (the guy and the girl didn’t have names because they weren’t real people). Blah blah blah, the girl discovers that she’s got superpowers! Y’know that part of superhero mythology where you don’t know until you’re at least a teenager, that you have superpowers, and then they all start coming out and you’re like “What the hell?”

So that’s what was happening to her. The guy was getting superpowers, a little bit, too, but not as much as her. Hers were connected with the moon in some way.

So she’s all like “Yeah! Look at these crazy superpowers I’ve got!” and doing all this crazy stuff, making things fly around, picking up huge boulders, and the like. She kept on being meaner and meaner to Sigh, and not respecting him, because he didn’t have any superpowers. Once, she threw a boulder onto a car and Sigh was in the car and was just barely surviving, and when she found out, she was just laughing about it, and the other guy (for the moment, played by me) had to run over there and lift the boulder off and get Sigh out from the bent metal. But his superpowers weren’t as great, so it was very difficult for him.

Another time, they were flying over a ravine in the woods, while she was carrying Sigh (they’d abandoned the car after it got hit with a boulder, and were taking the rest of the road trip in the air. She was pretty rude about how she had to carry Sigh). Then, she accidentally dropped him. The dude was like “Should we go back and get him?” and she’s like “Naw, he was just slowing us down.”

Then we saw Sigh and saw that he had this birthmark that looked much like the superman symbol. What’s this, he’s a superhero too? Well, now his powers are coming alive, and so he flies back up there to confront whats-her-face. She gets pissed and tries to kill him, and one of those superhero battles occurs. The kind where you throw balls of “energy” around and yell and stuff. They all ended up killing each other in the process.

But then we saw a little scene where a baby was just born, and it had the birthmark that Sigh had.

The obvious implication is that the superhero/supervillain conflict is eternal, and those three are fated to meet up again, and again, as superhero, supervillain, and villainous henchman.

I thought it was interesting, because it was kind of a “realistic” treatment of superheroes. I’d like to see more of that in real fiction. Y’know, people with superpowers interacting with the regular world that we know, instead of a weird world in which superpowers are commonplace.

But mostly, it was a good look into the psychology of supervillainry. We got to see how these three started out as pretty good friends, but how she was transformed by her powers. Probably the reason that Sigh was playing the superhero is that he’s pretty much the model of humility.

I thought that was a pretty interesting dream.