Wireless Mesh Networking

We've seen censorship of the internet in many countries lately. We're seeing poor regulation of the internet in the US. In order to fight this trend, we need to have the people own the network.

Enter Wireless Mesh Networking. People can buy low-cost wifi routers and keep them in their homes. Flash them with a special firmware based on OpenWRT and they can become a mesh network of their own. Communicate with friends and neighbors over the radio.

There have been several wireless mesh networking projects in many cities all around the world. I attended the Wireless Battle Mesh in Spain, so that I could figure out how to add Ann Arbor to that list.

Soon, there will be a real website about this. Until then, please read our mailing list.

Also, on the plane on the way back from the conference, I wrote up everything I knew into a handy guide.

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