It's All Text!


One of my favorite Firefox extensions these days is It's All Text!. This extension lets you use alternative text editors to edit the text in text boxes.

Now, big wimps like to edit their text in WYSIWYG editors. Not me. I like to use vim.

Okay, so "It's All Text!" allows us to give a command line to start a text editor. What command do we give to start vim?

Well, we could use gvim. But I vastly prefer to run vim in my normal gnome terminal.

Therefore, I created a script, /opt/termvim/termvim, which reads:

  1. #!/bin/sh
  3. gnome-terminal --command="vim $@"

After making it executable, I can then set my editor in firefox by going to Tools > It's All Text! > Preferences. For "Editor", I set /opt/termvim/termvim.

Boom. I can use vim on the web.

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