I had a dream that there was this artist that was coming to present his traveling show – he’d built giant robots made entirely out of fiber optics. They were like 2 stories tall. He controlled them with gloves he wore, also made of fiber optics.

They were having a party at necto before the exhibition the next day. This dude had brought a large entourage with him. They were kinda intense and weird.

At some point, these police cars showed up. Weird, art-deco police cars. They came in and started busting heads – especially the artist’s entourage, but they weren’t checking credentials very thoroughly.

I was pretty sure these cops weren’t legit, so I decided to fight back. I accidentally killed their leader. At that point, I got knocked out.

When I woke up, this lady told me that the guy I had accidentally killed was me from an alternate dimension. The “artist” guy was from an alternate dimension. And so were the cops. It turns out that this wasn’t an artist and entourage – it was a doomsday cult. The giant robots were meant to destroy the world. That’s why he was planning this traveling exhibition. He’d leave a robot in each city, and then he’d activate them and they’d destroy the world.

So, she talked me in to taking up the mantle of the leader of the cops that I’d accidentally killed – I don’t want the world destroyed! And also, I would do it in a less violent manner. They had some kind of soporific drug you could use to pacify a crowd. I don’t know why they were breaking heads instead of using that!

Also, I had a plan to infiltrate their cult and figure out what their next move was.

So I started hanging out with the entourage. During the course of that, I figured out that

  1. The cops I was working with were fascists from his dimension. He was opposing them. They had him beat in his dimension, so he retreated to ours.
  2. But just because he was opposing the fascists doesn’t make him a good guy. He really did want to destroy the world.
  3. The guy I killed had nothing to do with me. That was a trick because they wanted to get someone on their side who knew about this dimension.
  4. The reason the robots were made of fiber optics was because they didn’t have our-style computers in their world. They built computers out of fiber optics. The computers were huuge, which is why the robots were huge. I accidentally showed them a computer from our dimension, and they got veery interested. With that technology, they could build destruction robots that were more sneaky and they could secretly place them around the world. Oops. Sorry I introduced them to that.

So I decided to lead a frontal assault on their factory.

Unfortunately, I woke up before I found out the result.

Too be continued???