I had a dream that somebody nuked Detroit. It must’ve been a pretty small nuke because some people survived. There was rubble everywhere, but some structures survived.

Somehow, the explosion released a bunch of gas, too. Possibly a helium mine on the western edge of Detroit. As a result, we could not walk or even drive out of the city in that direction, because we would suffocate. (BTW, I lived in Detroit in this dream).

Rev. Andrew and Jim from WCBN went on an expedition to find another way out of the city, but found that the outside world had built a huge wall around the other sides of the city, because they didn’t want us getting our radioactive contamination out there.

We did our best, trying to take care of ourselves and each other. We farmed and rebuilt.

At some point, somebody figured out how to get on the internet. Apparently, there was some land speculation going on! People wanted to buy up all the destroyed land in Detroit because it was cheaper than dirt, and the theory was that the land would eventually be made habitable again and if you bought the land now while it was cheap, then you could sell it to developers, or be a developer yourself.

There was a big controversy inside the city, because people could sell their houses and get an infusion of money right now, but they could keep living in their houses because the developers couldn’t come in until the radiation got cleaned up and who knew how long that would take? Generations, maybe! So some people were selling their houses.

Others were like “Why the hell do we need their money? We can’t even participate in their economy!” These people also expressed anger that we would do all the work of cleaning and rebuilding, and then just when our work was about to pay off, we’d have to hand it over to them, who had done nothing but profit off our work.

You may have guessed, but I was in the second camp, and I was working hard to convince my family that we shouldn’t sell our house (I was a teenage girl in this dream).

There was a second part to the dream, but it’s way less poignant: I dreamed that I was out exploring. We figured that if we climbed to the top of this office building, we might be able to find a way to scale the rest of the wall and get out of Detroit. On the way up, we discovered an office called the “Bureau of Superpowers”. We thought that was super awesome, so we tried to go in and see what it was all about. They were very secretive about it and wouldn’t talk to us unless we had superpowers. I lied and said that I was a witch and I could fly, but only if I got naked and smeared my body with juniper berries (on the theory that we could not find any juniper berries in post-apocalyptic Detroit and they wouldn’t be able to verify). We gathered that they were secretly trying to gather all the superheroes in Detroit so that they could help out. They figured a bunch of people would’ve been given powers by the radiation. But then they told me about a religion where the monks had an annual festival where they smeared the street with holy juniper berries. They said that I should go and roll in their berries so I could fly.

Well, peer pressure: I ran into their ceremony, naked, and jumped into their pile of juniper berries. Much to my surprise, I found that this gave me the ability to fly. Who knew?!