I had a dream that I was a spy in WWII. Before I was a spy, I was a professional wrestler in the German wing of the WWE. And I stayed as a professional wrestler after the war started and after I was a spy. Pro wrestling was kind of underground at the time, but the people loved it, so it didn’t get shut down.

So, I was scouting out where in Germany would be the best place for the yanks to drop their newly-developed atomic bombs. I delivered this information to my contacts by talking on a cell phone during a wrestling match.

So there I was, getting tagged in and out, getting whacked in the back of the head with a plywood board, clotheslining people, and so forth. And all the while, I was gabbing “Okay, so thirteen miles from this spot, there’s an outpost. Some high-ranking generals are going to be there in three days. There’s a supply depot near these railroad tracks. Hang on,” and then I would drop-kick my opponent.