I had a dream that I was trying to go to a cool rock and roll show, but I kept hearing, across the way, a bunch of yelling and big machines. Bulldozers were pushing lots of stuff into a big pit. Lots of people were cheering about it.

I went over and talked to them, to see what was going on. They were all waiters who worked at cottege inn. They said that the boss finally sealed a deal to outsource the company to India. He was going to shut down all the stores in America and open them up over there. Everybody was fired.

So they were grabbing all the stuff that was inside the store, and pushing it into this big pit, that they intended to burn.

Well, this sounded like fun, so I joined them. I ran through the store, breaking windows and grabbing things. But a couple things, I decided to keep for myself. There was a collection of novelty violins. They weren’t made to sound very good, but they had shapes carved and painted onto them. I took the Che Guevara violin.

I also found a transformers toy that you could turn on and it was a real robot that could walk around and understand English. It couldn’t speak English, but it could respond to you with body language.