I had a dream that I went to interview for a fancy private high school (I was younger in this dream). I went to the lobby to wait for the people to come interview me. But the lobby just felt so stuffy! Everything was fancy, with this fancy-looking furniture and all these old leather-bound books and stuff. I sat there eating cheez-its and drinking soda, and I was like “Uh! There’s no way I’d ever fit in here,” so I left.

A couple weeks later, I’d had a change of heart, so I came back to check the school out again. Strangely, my box of cheez-its was still there. I was like “dude, you’d think that a place this stuffy would’ve cleaned more often than this. Unless… Maybe they’re not really this stuffy after all…”

They came and took me for my tour of the school. It turns out that, indeed, that’s just what they show the parents. Behind the door, it’s non-stop zombie dance parties! That’s right. Zombie kids and regular kids, partying side-by-side!

One of the kids even taught me a spell. z42tof42 – to turn zombie (z) to flesh (f). It was temporary.

One interesting thing: Even though these zombies pretty much acted like regular people, their parents still mourned their loss. They were like “It’s been so sad ever since Emily died.” Of course, Emily didn’t much appreciate it when her parents acted that way. That’s why all the zombie kids liked being here so much.

Well, I was at a zombie pool party. There was a little pool and an awesome DJ setup and stuff. Suddenly, I noticed that all the electric cords for the DJ equipment had fallen in the water. Oh noes! I realized that if anybody got in the pool, they’d be electrocuted. I shouted, “Hey, don’t get in the pool!” but nobody heard me because the DJ music was so loud. I yelled a few times, with no effect.

A kid was about to get in the pool. So I thought quick. Maybe, if I reversed those letters… “f42toz42!” I shouted. It turned all the flesh (f) people in the room into zombies (z)! Zombies can get electrocuted just fine.

I saved the day.